SOLD………….High end gaming PC – i5 6600K , 16 GB DDR4, GTX 970 4GB – £495

Product details

Very quick high end gaming PC for £495 , i5 6600K, 16 GB DDR 4 and GTX 970 4GB plus water cooling and RGB for sale for £495

A very neat, stunning looking and well built gaming machine, will play anything !

GTX 970 4GB – EVGA Intel i5 6600k-

Asus z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard

16GB Corsair Vengeance Ram

Corsair h100i rgb Platinum Corsair

RM650X Corsair RGB water cooling kit

1TB Hard Drive


3 Corsair HD120 Fans

Corsair Lighting Node Pro with RGB strips Corsair

650w PSU

Windows 10 pro – Fresh install and activated

Hinged Glass case for easy access.