New vs Used PCs

Don’t buy a used PC for more than £450…why? let me show you

A high-end PC a few years ago would have been something like an i7 9700 CPU and a GTX1080 graphics card, and rightly so as this will still play almost anything and look great but things have moved on.

Comparing these to new generation parts:

The GTX 1080 was the king of the graphics cards, and remarkably it is now barely a match for the Intel A750 which you can get new for around £200! or an RTX 3060 for £250

The i7 9700 is slower than an i3 12100 which is under £80!

16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD drive are less than £75 for the pair!

So you can buy an all-new PC that beats the king of the hill from just 4 years ago for under £600!!!

Lower your aim just a little to the level of our Wreckfest specials of a couple of years ago, they were typically an i7 4770 and GTX 1050ti that used to sell used for £399, and now you can buy …

A new machine with a faster i3 10100 CPU, ARC A380 graphics and a fast 500 GB SSD, and all the trimmings for £450!

So don’t buy a used PC for more than £450 without very carefully looking at what you are getting!

Under £450? then yes, used makes sense, if you can get a bargain you can get something that will perform well and still last for a good few years, and be upgraded as you go along.

Much lower down, at the £100 to £300 level then new isn’t an option, get a well-built and checked used machine with a decent graphics card if you are gaming it, and a fast SSD for windows and you will be more than happy with your bargain-priced, entry-level PC.