Troubleshooting your PC

Are you having performance issues?

If your PC isn’t running how you think it should, low frame rate, stutters, or is just “not right” there is a huge list of things it can be, and I spend a lot of time going through these with customers to find one or two settings they have wrong, so try and help, I’ve put together a little guide to work through.

I can remote into most PCS and do this, but the time it takes means I will be charging for this, so check as much as you can first, 90% + of the time it’s a simple tickbox or setting that needs changing

In this approx order:

  • Check your screen is attached to the graphic card, generally about 1/3 of the way up and across the case, not the connections at the top left at the back.
  • Open a browser, go to Google and search for speed test – run that and see what your connection and ping is
  • Check what resolution you are running at, most people are on 1920 x 1080 if it’s higher than that then you need stronger hardware to game at 1440p or 4K
  • If your monitor supports free sync or sync, and you have a graphics card from GTX 10 series or higher, you can use free sync, but you may need to use a DisplayPort cable to use it
  • Once turned on, in the monitor on-screen controls, go to the Nvidia control panel and activate gsync and apply
  • In any game, in graphics settings or display normally, turn off VSync. vertical synchronisation,
  • Check the level overall game settings are on, high or ultra are often much more taxing on the PC, good hardware can use them, but if you are having issues, drop to medium
  • Check in-game settings for Ambient Occlusion and turn off
  • Download and run Heaven benchmark – and see what the FPS are, if they are stable it should show the graphics card temperature – generally anything below 78 is ok, depending on the card
  • Run your game that is having issues, and run it in windowed mode, or press ALT and enter to enter windowed mode
  • Slide the window slightly to one side, then open task manager – CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE then click on the performance tab and you can see the load on the CPU and GPU, ideally GPU will be at 100% during a game, less than this means you either have a CPU bottleneck, or you have settings too low and you can increase the detail or resolution to make the game better