Wreckfest PC’s – from £400

I got a lot of people are wanting machine to play Wreckfest with the Banger racing mods , and whilst you can play it superbly on high end PC’s with cutting edge graphics etc, it really doesnt take that much to play it really well.

A typical machine at the lower end of the range plays Wreckfest with the Banger racing mods like this 


Over the last year I have sold dozens of machines of a very similar specification to this that are all in use , so I thought I would give a bit more information on what we do.

Wreckfest Special – from £400(or less for a plain case)

  • CPU: i5 4th generation quad core or higher is plenty – AMD FX series also cope OK 
  • RAM: 8 GB Runs absolutely fine – DDR 3 in the 4 th Gen machines, DDR 4 from 6th Generation upwards, but makes little difference
  • Graphics: The minimum level you want is a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB – this plays really well on a full HD screen , other cards do an equally good job – older ones like GTX 680 , GTX 770 , GTX 960 – are all very similar performance and price
  • Storage: An SSD is essential , and a Hard Drive too – Wreckfest mods can be HUGE ! ive seen 200GB + but they dont need to all be on the SSD, set up properly with the Steam workshop on a different drive, a 128 GB SSD and a 500 GB HDD is fine, and gives room for other games as well
  • Windows 10 – the only real choice, and Steam to run the game on

These machines are typically around £400- depending on the case and exact graphics card, and UK delivery is generally under £20 . I occasionally get cheaper , plain ones that my be at £340, and some people are running £800 monster machines, but £400 for a Wreckfest PC is a good starting point.

Normally these are available in about a week, but when I am busy, like the run up to XMAS, this can be longer .

I ask for a 25% deposit with order and the rest on despatch, when you get the tracking info for the courier, payment is by Bank transfer, PayPal – but can incur fees or cash, and collection is possible if you are local to PE2

This will work fine on a HDTV using a HDMI cable like a SKY box or PS4 and I would suggest connecting to the internet by cable, but fast WIFI works ok too if you have a good signal.

What do they look like?

These are typical cases, with clear sides, RGB lighting and room to upgrade as well as good airflow to keep everything cool.