Tools and Links

We often recommend people to use certain tools for either diagnosing their PC or helping us to see what they have for pricing etc, as well as some general tools and apps for everyday use. So I thought I would put them all in one place for you.

  • Speccy – free and easy tool to see what your PC has inside it
  • AMMYY – our favourite tool for remote access to your PC ( with a password you choose everytime ) so we can diagnose and fix things
  • Crystal Disk, see if your hard drives or SSD drives are about to fail!
  • Core Temp – are you overheating? just be careful when installing not to choose the free game and language packs if you don’t need them
  • Nvidia Drivers for your graphics card
  • AMD Drivers if you have one of their cards
  • Graphics Benchmarks, test your GPU
  • Furmark – Torture test your PC, but read the warnings ! used to test builds, overclocking etc

These are everyday programs and applications we can’t live without – all free!

  • Open Office – basically a free and legal version of Office, with versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excell etc
  • GIMP – Free version of Photoshop!
  • Inkscape – Free version of Illustrator