Trade in your PC

Your current PC could be worth hundreds of pounds in trade-in against a newer, faster PC

If your current PC is working and can run windows, then we can probably trade it against a much better machine, and it doesn’t have to be in perfect condition.

Anything from 2nd Generation intel to FX AMD machines can be considered, and depending on what you are looking at getting the trade-in value can be a lot more than you think, or would get selling privately, so get in touch

Recent Trade-In Examples

  • An i5 4th generation with a GTX 770 graphics card was worth £300 off a new gaming laptop
  • An AMD FX 8350 and GTX 960 were worth £400 to a 12th Gen i5 and RTX 3070!
  • An i5 6400 and RX 580 got £300 off of an i7 7700 and GTX 1070
  • An old i3 2120 and GT 710 were worth £130 on an i7 4770 and GTX 1050ti

Every deal is unique and a one-off depending on the machines,