Free Local Collection and Delivery Service

Problems with your PC?  Running Slow?  Can’t play the latest games? Need more storage or a fresh Windows install? or maybe even a complete overhaul and upgrade it, put it in a new case with stylish lighting, faster graphics and the latest tech. Your current PC may be a few years old, but that doesn’t mean it has to be thrown out!

Give your PC a new lease of life,  and it will be faster, quieter, cooler and look better for a lot less than buying a new machine. Things like:

  • Faster CPU for a generally quicker experience
  • Faster Graphics, whether you are editing photos or playing the latest games the difference can be HUGE!
  • Use the latest SSD or NVME storage for a snappier machine, almost any PC can be massively improved and boot up in under 20 seconds with a new drive put in.
  • PC Looking dated? Have it transplanted into a new stylish case that looks great, runs cooler and quieter and maybe add a bit of bling with lighting and glass sides… the sky’s the limit and costs a lot less than you think.

Why should you trust us with your PC?

We have over 40 Years of experience building computers and over the last few years Peterborough Custom Computers has built hundreds of machines for customers,  from high-end liquid-cooled gaming PCs that cost £3000+ to basic home office Pcs for £150 – each is treated with the same care and professionalism and we pride ourself on our customer service and testimonials.