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Fast i7 gaming PC with SSD and huge 3 TB hard drive – From £350

Available with a choice of graphics cards – with AMD R9 370 4GB Graphics for £350 or with NEW GTX 1650 Super 4Gb DDR 6 for £450
Huge performance, the GTX 1650 Super benchmarks better than a GTX 980 or GTX 1060
Full Specification:
i7 6700 – 8 cores @ 4.ghz
16 Gb DDR 3 Ram
120 Gb SSD
GTX 1650 Super 4Gb DDR 6 – huge performance at this price point, benchmarks better than a GTX 980
Windows 10 Home- licensed and legal
Blue tooth
RGB lighting, can control colours and patterns
500W PSU
Nationwide delivery for £20






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Reserve your gaming PC for Christmas delivery now for as little as £30.

Its just 9 weeks till the big day, you don’t want to leave it till the last minute to try and find a quality, guaranteed gaming PC
Machines are available from £290 upwards and are made to order, so whether its a basic PC for home work and Facebook, a middle of the road Minecraft and CSGO PC or a hardcore gaming system for competitive Fortnite or APEX Legends players, get in touch now as there are limited slots available.
All machines are fully refurbished, set up with Windows 10 and have an Office compatible, and legal suite of tools including Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations . 
They range from basic plain machines to incredible glass and steel showcases with remote control lighting and water cooling .
A 20% deposit confirms your order for guaranteed delivery before Christmas anywhere in the UK
Take a look at our website at – or read the reviews here and get in touch!
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AMD A8 and R7 360 Gaming PC for £195

Quad Core Budget Gaming PC that still very playable

AMD A8 5600K quad core CPU at 3.9 + GHZ

Gigabyte R7 360 Graphics 2 GB
Arctic Freezer 13 tower cooler
AS ROCK FM2 A75 Pro Motherboard with 4 Ram slots and dual graphics slots plus USB 3
New 120 GB SSD
250 GB HDD
New 700 W 53A Cylon PSU
Windows 10 Pro
New Case with Tempered glass side, RGB exhaust fan, front intake fan and RGB LED strips on the front with multiple light modes/patterns

io cover at rear is missing, but this makes no difference and is just cosmetic at the back of the machine

Nationwide delivery for £20 or collect from PE2





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i5 and GTX Gaming PC for £280

Gaming PC , A bargain for £280 – i5 + GTX 960 + 16 Gb + SSD +HDD

i5 4440 quad core CPUEVGA GTX 960 2Gb – Previous generation but faster than a GTX 1050 Ti
Gigabyte GA H81M Motherboard
16 Gb HyperX 1600 MHZ DDR 3 RAM
New 128 Gb SSD with fresh, activated install of Windows 10 Pro
500 GB HDD
Kolink 500W PSU
Vantage case with multiple fans and LED lighting, running cool and quiet
DVD RW Drive

A very capable 1080p gaming machine with loads of upgrade potential if you want to at a later date. The rear io shield isn’t present, but is purely cosmetic and at the back of the machine so isn’t seen.

National delivery for £15

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A very pretty, but older gaming PC – Absolute bargain for £250

This is a great little performer with loads of new parts, and a great base for upgrading in the future.

  • i5 2400 quad core
  • MSI Motherboard
  • MSI Twin Frozr GTX 580 Graphics 2 GB – top of the range in its day and still capable of gaming today, video to follow
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 120 Gb SSD
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Windows 10
  • New 700W power supply with 2×8 pin pcie
  • New RGB case with multiple lighting effects and window on the side
Delivery nationwide for £20

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Parents Guide to buying a PC for Christmas!

So you want to get the kids a Gaming PC for Christmas ? Where do you start ?

Christmas is less than 12 weeks away and I am getting enquiries almost everyday about Gaming PC’s for presents, and a lot of parents admit they don’t really know what they are looking for, so to try and help I’ve put together a simple guide to steer you in the right direction


  • HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ?  If we are talking about children under 14 (ish) they are going to want to play games like Minecraft , Roblox and  Fortnite etc. The first painful truth is that you really can’t do that on a machine for under £250
  • SHOULD I BUY A BRAND NAME ?  You will see machines advertised, particularly on eBay made by Dell, HP, Lenovo and other big names, unfortunately the reality is that whilst these all make good machines, the ones you will see for under £500 are likely to be repurposed, older business machines or low spec home computers that not only wont play games, they probably can be upgraded to any significant degree to be able to either.
  • NEW PC, GAMING SPECIAL , ULTRA FAST these and similar labels on old machines are painfully common, if it’s under £400 it isn’t new, they have put it in a new case and normally with the lowest possible quality of components.
  • DO I NEED A MONITOR?  Most good gaming PC’s will be perfectly happy on a HD TV, using a HDMI cable like a PlayStation or Xbox
    • Does it have a dedicated graphics card ? and how much memory does it have – if it’s less than 2 GB – walk away
    • Can you show me a video of it running a relevant game or benchmark? or a machine of the same specifications
    • Does it have an SSD – this is vital and makes the difference between turning on in 20 seconds or 5 minutes, and makes even an older machine feel snappy and usable.
    • Is it upgradable?
    • Can I see a photo of the inside? some used machines are so dirty and dusty that they are just waiting to fail through overheating problems , if they won’t show you a picture…..ask yourself what they are hiding?
For a gaming PC you are really looking at 5 levels of pricing and ability 
Under £200 – Old, used business machines that may be capable of browsing the internet and the simplest of games, best avoided you are asking for problems or disappointed kids
£200 – £300  Capable machines that can be upgraded over time with newer components and can grow for the next year or 2
£300 – £500  Machines that should be able to run almost all the latest games, in medium to high settings
£500 plus- very good used machine or new machines, both will run for years with upgrade potential to last for a good few years
£700 upwards is a new state of the art machine, or exceptional high end machine, with all the bells and whistles you could ask for.
We can put together machines in all of these price ranges, show you them working and get them delivered nationwide for under £20 – so get in touch and let us put together a machine that will really do what you need, for a price you can afford and that will keep the kids smiling over Christmas.
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The very latest Ryzen 3 3100 – The i7 Killer – for £495

SOLD…..SOLD…..SOLD….. But similar available.
Massively fast, this latest generation PC is stunning to look at, quiet, has huge performance and will last for years.
NEW Ryzen 3 3100 4c/8T
NEW Asus GTX 1650 Super 4 Gb DDR6 ( faster than GTX 980 / GTX 1060 )
120 Gb SSD
500 W PSU with 2x pcie connectors
ASUS PRIME A320M-K AM4 Motherboard
8 GB Corsair DDR4 Ram
Cooler master RGB and Glass case
Windows 10
Available later this week – waiting for CPU delivery due to global shortages
10% Deposit holds, and £20 delivery nationwide
mklink /d “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop” “D:\workshop”