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i5 and GTX Gaming PC for £280

Gaming PC , A bargain for £280 – i5 + GTX 960 + 16 Gb + SSD +HDD

i5 4440 quad core CPUEVGA GTX 960 2Gb – Previous generation but faster than a GTX 1050 Ti
Gigabyte GA H81M Motherboard
16 Gb HyperX 1600 MHZ DDR 3 RAM
New 128 Gb SSD with fresh, activated install of Windows 10 Pro
500 GB HDD
Kolink 500W PSU
Vantage case with multiple fans and LED lighting, running cool and quiet
DVD RW Drive

A very capable 1080p gaming machine with loads of upgrade potential if you want to at a later date. The rear io shield isn’t present, but is purely cosmetic and at the back of the machine so isn’t seen.

National delivery for £15

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