i3 8350K Quad Core & GTX 1060 6GB


8th Generation Gaming PC for £430!!!
Intel 8350K quad core and GTX 1060 6GB
Fast, pretty and very capable this is an absolute steal!
Example game play FPS:
GTA V 1080p High Settings 115 FPS
Forza 7 1080p Ultra Settings 120 FPS
Overwatch 1080p Epic Settings 115 FPS
Battlefront 2 1080p Ultra Settings 100 FPS
240Gb SSD , 1 TB HDD, Windows 10, Wi-Fi , RGB case, 700W PSU
Dont get confused with the old i3s this is an 8th generation i3 8350K which has a true 4 cores, and sits at 4GHZ all day, in the right motherboard these can clear 5 Ghz – but that needs a change of cooler, this one is running stock, reliable, quiet and fast. Grab a bargain because this chip is rare and people dont know about it!
This PC has no front audio / usb 3 – they are all on the back – stock photo to show case – no internal top fans in the actual build.
Delivery available for £15

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i3 8350K 8th generation, Quad core @ 4Ghz+ !! , 16 Gb DDR4 , GTX 1060 6Gb, 240Gb SSD, 2 TB HDD